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Amazon Kindle eReader 6 inch Glare-Free Touchscreen Display


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KSh 7,500

1.     Designed specifically for readers – The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is expressly designed for distraction-free reading purposes You won’t get any push notifications or email alerts while you are reading books so you can focus on the task at hand

2.     Impressive battery life – The battery life of Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ can last for weeks with average, mixed use. It’s ideal for traveling without the hassle of constantly digging out chargers or hunting down power outlets

3.     Realistic display (paper) – The display of this e-reader mimics the experience of reading a paperback book. That’s because Kindle uses an innovative E Ink technology to complement the screen. The hand-built fonts also play a major role here

4.     Lightweight design –The Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is lighter than most of the eBook readers on the market. Holding it for hours in one hand won’t leave you feeling fatigued

5.     Easy on the eyes – Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ does not come with a traditional LCD display which requires your eyes to adjust when you switch from a bright screen to a dimmer one. By contrast, the Amazon Kindle E-Reader 6″ is designed to maintain the same level of brightness throughout use and you will not have to worry about any eye straining adjustments. With 8 different font sizes to select from, you can enjoy a fully customized interface

6.     Flip through without losing your page – The page flip feature will help you navigate through different pages without losing your place

7.     Enhanced search function – When you want to look for a specific word, you just need to search for it and you’ll be there in seconds. No more tirelessly hunting through the whole book when you’re searching for a passage

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