Digital Voice Recorder 8GB

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Digital Voice Recorder 8GB
Key Features
  • Clear Recording: This digital audio recorder uses a higher-sensitivity microphone, built-in professional recording chip, professional recording equipment with noise reduction function, supports up to 1536Kbps WAV format recording, and provides you with a truly full, clear and natural sound as much as possible. Let you enjoy high-quality sound.
  • Simple Operation: The compact body of the voice recorder is combined with simple three-key recording, saving and playback, making it super user-friendly. The follow-up function exploration is also easy to use.
  • Large Capacity: 8GB recorder, built-in rechargeable battery. The 8GB recording device can store 442 hours of recording files. The battery supports continuous recording for more than 20 hours. Let your work and life be done in one machine.
  • Easy Transmission: The digital voice recorders supports recording files in MP3 or WAV format. You can easily transfer files by connecting to a computer and other devices through the included USB data cable, and Mac is also compatible. Suitable for students, teachers, senior citizens, business people, writers and bloggers.
  • Multi-function: This digital recorder has A-B repeat mode and music mode. A-B repeat mode helps you improve efficiency and focus on content. The multi-function recorder music mode helps you relax after a tiring lecture, class or meeting. Of course, the follow-up function exploration is also very interesting.

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