VGA-HDMI Adapter

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VGA-HDMI Adapter
Key Feature
  • VGA to HDMI with Audio: This VGA to HDMI adapter cable offers you a convenient way to connect PC, laptop, desktop with VGA output (D-Sub, HD 15-pin) to displays with HDMI input such as projector, monitor, HDTV. Note: It only works for VGA to HDMI, it cannot be used as HDMI to VGA cable. And it needs to be powered by 5V USB first when you use it.
  • Supports Synchronized Video and Audio: This adapter is plug-and-play, it doesn’t need any software drivers. Includes 5V USB power port and 3.5mm audio auxiliary port. So you can enjoy HDMI input with audio and video at the same time
  • High resolution support: the VGA input resolution up to 1920 x 1080; Transmits stereo audio through 3.5mm male aux jack. HDMI output supports video resolution up to 1920 x 1080 / 60Hz, supports 24-bit.
  • VGA to HDMI Only: This VGA to HDMI converter cable has a one-way design. It only converts from VGA (analog signal output like PC / laptop / HD TV-Box) to HDMI (digital signal input like monitor, HDTV, projector). It cannot be used as an HDMI to VGA converter cable.

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